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"The Difference In My Smile With Dental Implants Is Amazing!"

Before I go to implants, my gums, especially the lower ones start receding. My dentist was trying to help me resolve the problem. But I started getting a lot of infection. I was very careful in taking care of my teeth. But, still, with all that, I still getting infection, especially on the lower part. Finally, my dentist decided that it’s better to talk to Dr. Hawasli.

Before I go to implants, my gums, especially the lower ones started receding.

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Dr. Hawasli:

So first time, he came to our office, he was in pain, he was not happy with his smile. When we look at his teeth on the x-ray, we found that he needs some teeth extraction, some major treatment, bone grafting, and dental implants, to give him fixed teeth.


He gave me options: to have a removable denture and, or to have a fixed one. He explained everything, the pros, and cons of both. I decided to go for a fixed implant.

Dr. Hawasli:

So after we finished the surgery, we gave him a mirror and he looked at his teeth. He was super happy, he was very excited.


You can see the difference between my old teeth and my new one. This one is more beautiful than the old one’s…The difference is very amazing. I have experience with many other doctors. His ability, his knowledge, and the way he did everything is nice. Plus, his personal behavior; soft-spoken, and always response in a positive way. So, I’m absolutely, 100%, refer him to any person.

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