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"I Used To Hide My Mouth, Now I Love To Smile Because Of My Dental Implants."

I’ve had dental issues since I can’t remember. I’ve always been told, “you just inherited a bad set of teeth”. Well, as you get older and issues continue and get worse, for example, I had a couple of teeth dropped out. Because of COVID, you could cover up, you can hide, you’re super embarrassed about it.

My front tooth, I noticed dropped. And I’m like, all right, this is getting serious now because COVID is going to be over soon, I’m not going to be wearing a mask, I can’t hide it anymore. Even though I’m super embarrassed about it, I have to do something about it. So, I went to see my main dentist and he recommended Dr. Hawasli.

Even though I'm super embarrassed about it, I have to do something about it. So, I went to see my main dentist and he recommended Dr. Hawasli.

dr haswasli with daniel explaining procedure

Dr. Hawasli:

When I saw Daniel for the first time in my office, you can tell he was shy or embarrassed with his teeth because of the cavities that he has, the severe gum disease, and missing many teeth.


We sat there and they took the X-rays, they went through my whole teeth situation. And after the examination, we had a discussion of what was the next move.

Dr. Hawasli:

He wanted a permanent solution with a big beautiful smile on fixed permanent teeth. So, we decided to go with the implant-supported denture. That gives him permanent teeth with a beautiful smile. Give him confidence when he talks and when he smiles.


I love to smile now. It’s the world to me. He gave it back to me. I don’t have to hide anymore. I’m not embarrassed anymore. I can have these discussions. Right now, I’m like getting a little choked up about it but it changed my life. I had many discussions, not only with my neighbors but with the co-worker who was going through what I went through.

And I can tell the worry and the issues he was having, especially, it takes a mental toll on you, but I spoke to him and let him know about Dr. Hawasli. And I was like, listen, this guy’s the best. People would tell you that he’s the best, she’s the best. This guy’s the best. I’m living proof of it. I mean, look how beautiful my smile is.

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