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Why Do We Place Dental Implants?

Whether you have missing teeth or teeth that are so severely decayed that they need to be removed for the sake of your greater dental health, we strongly recommend that you don’t leave gaps in your mouth. There are different kinds of replacement teeth available, from dentures to dental implants. But what kind of replacement teeth should you get? All things considered, dental implants are the best choice currently available. Dental implants can last a long time—possibly a lifetime, with proper care—and they look, feel and function just like natural teeth. They’re highly stable and appear so realistic, most people won’t even know you have them! As a dental practice, our staff at Woodbridge Periodontal and Implant Center has training in a variety of dental treatments, including dental implants. To give you a fuller understanding of dental implants and their benefits, we’ve put together this list of frequently asked questions. We hope you’ll find it helpful!

Common Questions About Dental Implants

Dental implants have three main parts: a screw-like titanium post that’s anchored in your jaw and acts as a tooth root; a durable, natural-looking crown that enables you to chew foods normally and fills in gaps in your smile; and an abutment, which connects the other two components. The post integrates with your jawbone and becomes a permanent part of your body within a few months.

We have a process in place that enables us to precisely place your dental implants to the specifications of your mouth, making for a perfect, comfortable fit. What’s more, advanced technology allows us to completely pre-plan your procedure, making it go quicker and more smoothly, leaving less chance for complications. During the placement procedure itself, we always provide an anesthetic to keep you relaxed and pain-free.

We can restore your jawbone density and make you a candidate for dental implants with a procedure called bone grafting.

Though it’s hard to put a price on the value dental implants can provide you, several factors figure into the cost of dental implants, including bone grafting, tooth extractions and the number of dental implants you need. Your periodontist can help you determine your actual cost during a consultation here in our Woodbridge, VA office. Schedule your visit soon!

Dental implants are practically indistinguishable from natural teeth and require the very same type of care. Remember to brush and floss two times daily and visit us for regular cleanings.

While dentures are a time-tested solution, dental implants integrate with the jaw just like natural tooth roots, preserve your jawbone health, and mirror natural teeth in look, feel and function. Dental implants never slip and don’t require adhesives.

A personalized consultation with your periodontist in our Woodbridge, VA office is the best way to begin! He’ll take time to listen to your concerns and preferences, perform a thorough evaluation, then recommend the best implant option for you.

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How Advanced Technology Benefits Patients

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