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"I Got A Natural Looking Smile With Dental Implants."

I was a heavy grinder at night and wound up fracturing almost all of my upper teeth over the years. I had gone through many root canals and many crowns. And over the years they just didn’t hold. Every morning, I wake up with a sore jaw. My teeth would be aching. I was getting a lot of sensitivity and I could see the fractures showing up in my teeth. I’d gone through several partial dentures that never lasted really long.

My permanent teeth started spreading apart and getting even looser than they already were. So, I’ve been checking around about getting dental implants for quite a while and decided to have finally time. Dr. Hawasli, came highly recommended and I watched some of his videos on the internet, read some of his reviews, and decided to come and check out his office.

I had gone through many root canals and many crowns. And over the years they just didn't hold.

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Dr. Hawasli:

Laura came to my office. She was missing her back teeth. She was uncomfortable chewing, also her front teeth are not even. So, she was not happy with her smile. So, she wanted something permanently fixed. So we came up with implants, fixed teeth.


Dr. Hawasli was very professional, he explained everything in a manner that I could understand it. Dr. Hawasli modeled my new teeth after a model of an old set of teeth that I’d had. So, they look very original.

Dr. Hawasli:

After we finish the treatment with Laura, she was very happy with her teeth. She always tells me, that now I can chew, I can enjoy my food. Watching her smile is the reason why I love dentistry.


When I first saw my new teeth, I was very happy with it. There weren’t any gaps or missing teeth in the front and it looked like my original smile. I haven’t wanted to grind my teeth that much as much at night. I am so glad to have this now and instead of this.

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