Will I Know If I Need Crowns And Bridges In Woodbridge, VA?

a 3D image of dental crown and bridges in Woodbridge, VA.

When people want to replace or restore their teeth, they might not know where to start. Two possible options are to have a trusted periodontist update their smile with crowns and bridges in Woodbridge, VA. Depending on the patient’s specific needs and wants, patients can get treated with tooth crowns or dental bridges, or both, […]

With Crowns And Bridges In Woodbridge, VA, Can I Improve My Smile?

a dental patient smiling as she sits in a chair with a periodontist facing her before she gets treated with crowns and bridges.

When people feel better about the way their smile looks and functions, it can change their life. Not only does a healthier smile allow people to be more confident in social situations, but correcting tooth problems like fractures and decay can prevent people from suffering from dental pain and sensitivity. Although there are several ways […]

Will The Crowns And Bridges Procedures Restore The Look Of My Smile?

a monolithic dental bridge model.

When people have an imperfect tooth or a few missing teeth in a row, they may be looking for proven and reliable solutions. Fortunately, dental crowns and bridges in Woodbridge, VA, are types of cosmetic procedures that can help patients get a great new smile, improve their overall look, and even the quality of their […]