With Crowns And Bridges In Woodbridge, VA, Can I Improve My Smile?

With Crowns And Bridges In Woodbridge, VA, Can I Improve My Smile?

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When people feel better about the way their smile looks and functions, it can change their life. Not only does a healthier smile allow people to be more confident in social situations, but correcting tooth problems like fractures and decay can prevent people from suffering from dental pain and sensitivity.

Although there are several ways to address smile imperfections, like broken teeth and missing teeth, popular smile enhancements are crowns and bridges in Woodbridge, VA.


What Are Dental Crowns And Bridges In Woodbridge, VA?

Crowns and bridges are long-term, safe, and affordable cosmetic dentistry solutions. Continue reading to get a detailed description of what dental crowns and bridges are and how they work.

Dental Crowns:

Dental crowns are basically custom-created caps that are bonded over the part of the patient’s tooth that shows over the gum line. For instance, people may have a tooth that is cracked but salvageable.

A periodontist will make any necessary repairs to the tooth structure as well as sanitize the natural tooth. Afterward, the periodontist will carefully bond the crown over the damaged tooth. This enables the patient to keep on using the tooth as well as enhance the way the tooth looks.

Dental Bridges:

Dental bridges are used to fill in the smile gaps caused by one or more missing teeth. During the procedure to place a dental bridge, the doctor prepares the teeth on either side of the gap. Those teeth will be covered with dental crowns that are attached to a “bridge” of false teeth, also known as pontics. Once patients are treated with dental bridges, they will have a beautiful new smile they can feel confident in.

How Do Dental Crowns And Bridges Benefit Me?

When people get treated with crowns and bridges, it can benefit their imperfect smile in many ways. Here are the ways crowns and bridges benefit patients’ smiles:

They Last For A Long Time:

Crowns and bridges can last patients for many years before they need to be replaced. As long as patients maintain them, they can expect them to perform beautifully for years to come.

They Can Fix Smiles Quickly:

If patients want a fast way to improve their smile, they will appreciate crowns and bridges.

They Are Affordable:

Crowns and bridges are economical ways for patients to improve their smiles with. Though they are not permanent like dental implants and cannot help patients prevent jawbone loss associated with missing teeth, they are affordable alternatives.

They Look Like Natural Teeth:

Today, the materials used for dental crowns and bridges can mimic the aesthetics of regular teeth. Rather than standing out, they blend in with the patient’s natural teeth.

They Restore Dental Function:

For the most part, patients can functionally use their crowns and bridges as if they were their natural teeth.


Go To Our Office To Get Your Crowns And Bridges

Do you feel like now is the time to give your smile an upgrade? You should come to our office for a consultation to see if crowns and bridges are the right procedure options for you. Get in contact with Dr. Ahmad Hawasli and our exceptional team at our Woodbridge Periodontal and Implant Center office to schedule an appointment today! Your new and improved smile could be just a few appointments away.

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