How Do Zirconia Fixed Bridges Help Me In Woodbridge, VA?

How Do Zirconia Fixed Bridges Help Me In Woodbridge, VA?

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The types of materials a periodontist uses for a patient’s dental implant treatments matter, especially when it comes to their dental restorations. Zirconia fixed bridges in Woodbridge, VA use the material zirconia to give patients a solid and lasting smile that can last them for years.

What makes zirconia fixed bridges a beneficial tooth restoration procedure? The answer lies in the benefits that the material zirconia brings.


What Is The Material Zirconia And How Can It Benefit Me?

When the material zirconium is mixed with other naturally-occurring substances under lab conditions, it becomes the ceramic (PMMA) known as zirconia.

Since zirconia comes from metal, it has a lot of qualities associated with metals even though it is not metal. For instance, zirconia is nearly as strong as titanium. Yet it looks white and translucent—just like natural teeth.


How Is Zirconia Used To Make A Zirconia Fixed Bridge In Woodbridge, VA?

Traditional dental bridges and other restorations are often made from acrylic and porcelain. They may look aesthetically pleasing, but they are not durable because of their two-material design. Zirconia fixed bridges, on the other hand, are created from a single block of zirconia. As a result, they resist staining, chipping, and breaking.

Many patients are amazed at how durable their zirconia fixed bridges are, especially if they have had restorations made of other materials. Zirconia bridges are truly meant for the long term, making them a wise investment.


Are There Other Upsides To Zirconia Fixed Bridges In Woodbridge, VA?

From their strength to their appearance, zirconia fixed bridges have plenty of advantages. Below are a few more advantages that zirconia fixed bridges can bring patients:

Biting And Chewing Forces Restored:

They hold up under normal bite forces, allowing zirconia fixed bridge wearers to expand their diets.

No Special Care Required:

They require no special care instructions beyond a healthy at-home oral regimen and regular dental checkups.

Restores Jawbone Strength And Health:

When anchored in the patient’s jawbone, dental implant posts stimulate the surrounding jawbone and slow down jawbone loss.

Feels Natural:

The smooth surface of zirconia fixed bridges tends to feel more natural in the patient’s mouth.


Zirconia fixed bridges cost more than bridges made of other materials but they last exceedingly longer, making them a better value.


We Can Give You Your Zirconia Fixed Bridges

Want to find out if you are a good candidate for zirconia fixed bridges, or any other restoration or cosmetic dentistry treatments? You should come to our caring and skilled office where we can treat you with advanced technologies and techniques to give you the new and improved smile you need and deserve.

Even if you have been told by another doctor that you do not qualify for dental implants, we would be happy to review your situation. What are you waiting for? We can give you a consultation to see if zirconia fixed bridges are the right treatment option for you. Get in contact with Dr. Ahmad Hawasli and our excellent team at our Woodbridge Periodontal and Implant Center office to schedule an appointment today!

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