Am I Able To Have A Full Arch Of Missing Or Damaged Teeth Replaced?

a full mouth dental implant model with dental crowns and a dental bridge.

When people have a full arch of missing or damaged teeth, it can affect their dental functionality and the confidence in their smile. Luckily, full arch dental implants in Woodbridge, VA can improve the look, function, and health of a patients smile. With full mouth dental implants, patients will be able to chew, speak, and […]

The Parts That Compose A Dental Implant And How The Dental Implant Is Placed

a dental implant dentist holding an oversized dental implant model.

Dealing with a less than stellar smile can certainly be a drag and impact a person’s daily quality of life. Fortunately, a skilled doctor can may recommend dental implants in Woodbridge, VA to remedy this issue and restore the patients smile. The parts that compose a dental implant and how it is placed in a […]

Will The Crowns And Bridges Procedures Restore The Look Of My Smile?

a monolithic dental bridge model.

When people have an imperfect tooth or a few missing teeth in a row, they may be looking for proven and reliable solutions. Fortunately, dental crowns and bridges in Woodbridge, VA, are types of cosmetic procedures that can help patients get a great new smile, improve their overall look, and even the quality of their […]

Embarrassed To Show Your Imperfect Teeth? Porcelain Veneers In Woodbridge, VA, Could Be Right For You!

a close up picture of a persons slightly open mouth, showing imperfect looking teeth that need to be treated with porcelain veneers.

It would be wonderful if everyone could be born with a perfectly straight, gleaming smile. But most people have dental imperfections such as small tooth cracks, gaps, chips, and discolorations. The good news is that a skilled periodontist can improve people’s imperfect smiles with porcelain veneers in Woodbridge, VA. Because even slight tooth imperfections can […]

Tired Of Traditional Dentures? Implant Supported Dentures In Woodbridge, VA, Can Restore Your Smile!

a happy old couple smiling at each other while they enjoy their meal because they upgraded their smile with implant supported dentures.

Although having traditional dentures are better than living with a full arch of missing teeth, they can be very problematic. In fact, many patients start to get tired of their traditional dentures after a few years because of the number of problems they can cause. People who are looking to upgrade to a trusted alternative […]