Should I Go To A Periodontist For My Dental Implants In Woodbridge, VA?

3d rendered image of a dental implant in the jaw bone.

  When people invest in their smile with dental implants in Woodbridge, VA, they will want to go to a periodontist to perform this advanced procedure. A skilled periodontist will have state-of-the-art knowledge, training, and experience to give patients the most reliable and trusted dental implant procedures. Continue reading to learn more about why people […]

With Dental Implants, Can I Have A Biocompatible New Smile?

a dental implant patient smiling during an exam.

Dental implants in Woodbridge, VA are considered to be the gold standard tooth replacement option. One of the main reasons dental implants are a gold standard tooth replacement option is because they give patients a biocompatible smile. With biocompatible dental implants, patients will have a permanent and reliable new smile. Here is more on how […]

Is There A Way I Can Become A Candidate For Full Mouth Dental Implants?

a dentist showing an implant patient a dental implant model.

When people have a full arch of missing teeth, they may be an immediate candidate for full mouth dental implants. But what happens when people are not immediate candidates for full mouth dental implants? Luckily, there are additional procedures people can have so they can become candidates for full arch dental implants in Woodbridge, VA. […]

Can I Be Treated With Full Mouth Dental Implants In Woodbridge, VA, After A Tooth Extraction?

a digital model of a full mouth dental implant.

According to statistics shared by the National Institute on Dental and Craniofacial Research, adults become more likely to require tooth extractions as they age. When people are missing teeth, and need tooth extractions for remaining teeth that are unsalvageable, then they should get treated with full mouth dental implants in Woodbridge, VA. Here is why, […]

Although Every Person’s Smile Is Unique, What Does A Typical Multiple Dental Implant Procedure Look Like?

A model showing dental implants.

When people have multiple missing teeth, their daily activities, quality of life, appearance, and even oral health can be impacted. While every person’s multiple dental implant procedure will be customized to fit their specific smile needs and wants, there are parts of the procedure process that everyone gets to go through. Here is what a […]

How Many Teeth Can Be Replaced By Dental Implants?

An image of an older man sitting in a dentist chair and smiling.

Having an amazing, full set of teeth that are healthy, bright, and straight, with little to no imperfections, is the type of smile that most people would want to have. A beautiful smile impacts a person’s overall appearance, self-confidence, and even their overall health. However, when people have a smile that is chipped, damaged, or […]

By Getting Dental Implants, Can I Avoid Jawbone Resorption?

Dentist pointing at a jawbone model to a dental patient.

When people have one or more missing teeth that are left untreated, several issues can affect their oral and even overall health. One key issue that comes with having missing teeth is jawbone tissue loss and resorption. Jawbone loss and resorption can lead people to have a sunken in appearance in their face and jaw […]

How Are Full Mouth Dental Implants In Woodbridge, VA, Accurately Placed?

An image of a couple smiling with full mouth dental implants.

When people have a full arch of missing teeth and they want to replace them with a restorative tooth replacement procedure, they should look no further than full mouth dental implants. Full mouth dental implants in Woodbridge, VA can be accurately placed to give patients a beautiful new smile they can eat and speak properly […]

Will My Smile Be Stable And Comfortable With Implant Supported Dentures?

an implant supported denture model all on four implant posts.

When people are looking for a reliable and permanent way to replace their damaged or missing teeth, then they should look no further than implant supported dentures in Woodbridge, VA. Dental health is an important aspect of overall health, and implant supported dentures can play a major role in restoring the health of a patient’s […]

If I Don’t Get Dental Implants To Replace My Teeth, What Can Happen?

dental implant prosthetic being placed on dental implant posts.

Dealing with one or more missing teeth? For those who have missing teeth, they should consider getting treated with dental implants in Woodbridge, VA. However, when people do not replace their natural teeth with dental implants, the beauty, health, and functionality of their smile ca be negatively affected. Continue reading to learn what could happen […]